Addressing Inefficiencies in Stowage Planning & Execution

The current stowage planning process lacks stakeholder collaboration that can result in missed operational savings and improved efficiencies in execution. Stowage plans are typically created by the ocean carriers without an effective means to collaborate in real-time with terminal operators and other stakeholders such as carrier partners (e.g., VSA carriers, Alliances) and even the ocean carrier’s regional operation centers.

This lack of collaboration creates several challenges for terminal operators to optimize stowage plans with ocean carriers:

• Limited to reacting to completed plans rather than proactively collaborating on plan creation
• Lack of the same vessel visualization tools used by the ocean carrier
• Missing the carrier’s stowage plan information as a result of differing technology
• Lack of real-time information to effectively manage plan changes

The result is missed opportunities for both ocean carriers and terminal operators to maximize the productivity improvements needed for mutual profitability.

XVELA Solution & Benefits

Terminal Operator Benefits:

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