XVELA is a technology provider of cloud-based solutions for the container shipping industry.

XVELA provides a transformative cloud collaboration platform that drives transparency, efficiency and profitability to a network of ocean carriers and terminal operators.

Through real-time collaboration using shared, unbiased data, plus actionable visibility across the vessel rotation, XVELA enables terminals, carriers and their operational partners to work together to synchronize operations and forge new efficiencies, starting with stowage planning and quickly expanding to shipping execution. The result is a win-win solution that allows both terminals and carriers to see the full stowage picture, improve customer service and reliability, and capture substantial untapped savings across the ocean supply chain.

Backed by Navis, a provider of operational technologies and services for the world’s leading terminal operators and ocean carriers, XVELA operates as an independent entity focused on delivering modern, integrated cloud-based solutions to the container shipping industry. For more information, visit www.xvela.com.

What is XVELA?

An exchange. A meeting point. A coming together.

The Latin name for the sails of a ship. The plural of “velum,” which in meteorological terms is a type of cloud.

Our Concept

Our name represents the point where modern cloud technology meets industry need. Through secure cloud technology, XVELA brings together shared, integrated data and partner collaboration to drive new efficiencies throughout the ocean supply chain.

XVELA Leadership Team

Robert Inchausti

Sumitha Sampath

Martin Bardi

Patrick Rhodes

Craig Halford

Olja Dimitrijevic